Automobile Analytics

Need insights into your automobile functioning / expenditures and advanced solutions for intelligent vehicles. SWS can help you create or gear up your system for same.

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Mobile, IoT and Data Analytics

SWS can help you handling challenges around Mobile, IoT, Cloud & Data Analytics.

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SWS can help you assess and strategize for gearing up to data protection norms required by upcoming Regulations

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Automotive Engineering Consulting

Benefit by our expert's 30 yr+ experience in automobile domain, in a company that transformed the passenger automobiles in India

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Automobile & Manufacturing

Backed by experience of 30 years+ in Automobile and Manufacturing and having nurtured ancillary industries competence, SWS autombile expert can help you plan for any challenge in the domain

Mobile, IoT & Analytics

Get help in planning or implementing mobile, IoT or analytics solution. Our expertise in providing solutions for a constrained environment.

Data Protection

SWS along with its partner organization can help you evaluate and plan for gearing up for new Data Protection Regulation environment

System Consulting

Facing challenges in implementing in technical modules in a system. We have broad based expertise to provide consulting and implementation for high tech modules

SWS team blogs

Blogs about various trends and technologies

Evolution of Data Governance Ecosystem

The emergence of Data Protection regulations is going to bring forward a new data governance ecosystem to regulate the business market place. While earlier, Cyber Security related work was predominant[...]

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Overview of Personal Data Protection Bill, India

Personal Data Protection Bill, India The justice B. N. Srikrishna committee appointed by the Indian Government has submitted a draft Personal Data Protection bill to Parliament on 27-July-2018. Th[...]

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Emergence of data regulations

Dominance of data based organizations and emergence of data regulations Changes across world The economies across world are going through churning due to Technological Changes that have transformed th[...]

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Automobile application solutions for end user

An automobile application solution for end user is expected to provide following benefits : Provide trip related information that helps in understanding performance of automobile under various circum[...]

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Moving forward for Digital India through Open Source Digitization and processing software

The world of open source software has matured and there are several offerings that can quickly help in making paper & offline contents searchable with ease and speed. The process involved is quit[...]

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Smarter solution for automotive preventive & predictive diagnostics

Background Latest development of automotive world have lead to various internal parameters of vehicle available on an electronic interface. Currently, such parameters are checked and analyzed mostly e[...]

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Enabling citizen participation in Governance

During the period Oct’15 – Feb’16, as part of community project, a demonstrable solution was developed that can help in enabling citizen participation in Governance. Background Ide[...]

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Smart City Expo 2016 experience

Smart City as a buzzword has picked up across Indian States. Still the offerings seems to be missing the substance expected! Every organization is projecting to be moving on line of Smart City / W[...]

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