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Smart City Expo 2016 experience

Smart City as a buzzword has picked up across Indian States. Still the offerings seems to be missing the substance expected!

Every organization is projecting to be moving on line of Smart City / World Concept, yet the value that should get delivered from an integrated Smart City / World concept to target customers seems to be missing. The possible reason is everyone is doing improvement in their respective field and calling it a Smart version of their product / service offering, but the value that should get delivered overall by combining value additions from multiple disciplines still seems to be misssing.

If one talks of IT, the complete software stack seems to be there, but the value that is getting delivered or what aspects of various other disciplines it is aggregating and creating a value proposition seems to be misssing !

No such organization seems to be providing a view that conceptualizes how a Smart City should look like from a wholistic space.

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