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Smarter solution for automotive preventive & predictive diagnostics


Latest development of automotive world have lead to various internal parameters of vehicle available on an electronic interface. Currently, such parameters are checked and analyzed mostly either during regular service maintenance point or when some problem has occured in vehicle (reactive way)


Vision for this solution is to have a system that captures these parameters on continuous basis, monitors them based on patterns suggested by domain experts and prescribe preventive maintenance that leads to lower cost of maintenance and reduction of business losses by reducing sudden break-downs.

Aim & Goals

The aim for such a system is to imbibe

  1. Ongoing monitoring and predictive diagnostics and maintenance (domain expertise based)
  2. Reduction in service expenses (By way of focusing on wear and tear based rather than generic maintenance of whole system)
  3. Providing various feedbacks (apart from servicing suggestions)
    1. Fuel Efficieny tips
    2. Road consitions based precautions
  4. Capture and analyze performance parameters of new automobile launches under various scenarios


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