Cloud and Mobile

Solutions for connected world. Systems, mobile, cloud and IoT.

The systems for connected world (utilizing cloud and mobile along with IoT devices) need an understanding and applications of a breadth of technologies (cloud/servers, mobile, IoT, analytics) along with corresponding working / configuration at Pilot/PoC, development, testing and production stages.

A system for connected vehicles and analytics

The above diagram represents a cloud and mobile based system developed for vehicle data capturing and analytics.

The mobile app is a cost effective solution for tracking all kind of vehicles, and

  • Provides quick analytics in graphical form (that a driver can understand)
  • Provides Alerts for specific events (Driving and vehicle related)
  • Contains a core for predictable capturing of vehicle data considering cases of multiple application runs, network outage etc
  • Uses a secure communication link with cloud server
  • Provides (Optionally) a quick testing run to quickly judge vehicle status (prerequisite: the vehicle to have run around 8-10 minutes)

The server implementation:

  • Server components have been containerized using Docker Containers for easy control and maintainability.
  • This modular approach means specific components can be replaced and scaled as per need (e.g. Mqtt broker)
  • Cloud based DB (AWS RDS) has been used for reliability, scalability and maintainability
  • Containers also mean significantly less efforts to move to any alternate cloud based system, or replacing the database layer by a self hosted Database or a database hosted in the server itself.

The system uses git based configuration management and Docker containers, can be easily setup for agile based environment with CI/CD capabilities.

Service Offerings

Some of services that we provide in this domain include:

  • Applications scaling using cloud
  • Existing Applications migration to cloud
  • Mobile application development
  • Domain specific IoT based system implementation including web and mobile
  • Containers implementation using Docker
  • DevOps planning (need based)


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