Connected Automobiles


SWS has been working in automobile space (applying IT) for providing solutions to businesses and end users.

It has built a framework and is in trial stages for demonstration applications for B2B as well as end users.

The framework provides an integrated solution for capturing complete Vehicle monitoring and tracking solution.

  • Cloud based solutions and technology projects
  • Data Analytics projects
  • System Software Products Development (Complete SDLC and parts of SDLC)
    => Storage

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End User

In case of end user space, a mobile application solution is available that may be used by individuals or groups based on specific need. Following figure shows glimpse of the application

Data Privacy

The end user application does not capture any user related data and has been developed while keeping latest Data Privacy standards in consideration during implementation.

Quick Check of vehicle

The application further has facility for quick testing of vehicle (currently for Petrol based vehicles) to provide a 7 points summary providing overall status of engine and related components . This may provide quick inputs to owner/driver to take quick proactive actions by visiting a nearby workshop.


Stay connected for updates on application. In case you are interested in beta testing of this application, please send email to info@sws-international.com

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