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Expansion of solution portfolio

SWS has started venturing to expand its  connected vehicles offering space. The offering will include vehicle analytics along with regular solutions like GPS.

While its existing vehicle monitoring offering is geared up to provide analytics at individual and group (B2B) level. It has expanded vehicle analytics solution to provide offering that provides an overall health checkup. The health check up provides evaluation of vehicle on 7 parameters.

The test helps user by :

  1. Saving on fuel by
    1. Providing feedback related to driving leading
    2. Providing feedback related to performance at trip Level
  2. Getting warning in advance about possible malfunction / failure, based on which corrective actions are possible leading to saving of both fuel related and maintenance related costs.
  3. Information about Vehicle emission problems and fixing it in time, equipping user to take actions for Emission problems in time.

Apart from regular alerts about vehicle condition (example battery and coolant temperature), The application involves providing alerts to user regarding driving in High RPMs for various speed levels (alerting user to drive cautiously => Helps in fuel saving)

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