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Automobile application solutions for end user

An automobile application solution for end user is expected to provide following benefits :

  1. Provide trip related information that helps in understanding performance of automobile under various circumstances. Lot of analysis can be done by users merely based upon comparative parameters across trips
  2. Provide driving related analysis that helps in understanding and correcting driving related issues.
  3. Monitor, analyze and predict failures related to various components of automobile system, including Engine health, coolant subsystesm, voltage module subsystem.
  4. Capture and warn user about Errors generated by sub-systems

Various solution offerings that can be built include:

  • Capturing data through an off the shelf OBD+GPS+GPRS device. Typically, such devices have protocol and capturing related constraints
  • Capturing data through an off the shelf OBD device + BT / WiFi Device. Such device performs better in terms of capturing, but need an attachment device (example Laptop / Mobile / other Processing device) that drives it actively. The challenge in this case emerge from the related device, example space in case of Laptop, processing constraints from Mobile etc.
  • Capturing data through a custom device. This can be best in terms of processing, meeting specific need of end customer, but will involve significant investment in hardware, firmware and software.

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