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Evolution of Data Governance Ecosystem

The emergence of Data Protection regulations is going to bring forward a new data governance ecosystem to regulate the business market place. While earlier, Cyber Security related work was predominantly seen only in IT world, and rest of organizations used to mostly work to get their ISO and Cyber Security regulations, a new paradigm is […]

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Overview of Personal Data Protection Bill, India

Personal Data Protection Bill, India The justice B. N. Srikrishna committee appointed by the Indian Government has submitted a draft Personal Data Protection bill to Parliament on 27-July-2018. This blog provides major highlights of the bill primarily from a view of users whose personal data is covered under Act, and Providers who are capturing user’s personal data for providing […]

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Emergence of data regulations

Dominance of data based organizations and emergence of data regulations Changes across world The economies across world are going through churning due to Technological Changes that have transformed the whole business paradigm in last several decades. It is being predicted for quite long that Internet is going to change the world, and the information will […]

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