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Expansion of solution portfolio

SWS has started venturing to expand its  connected vehicles offering space. The offering will include vehicle analytics along with regular solutions like GPS. While its existing vehicle monitoring offering is geared up to provide analytics at individual and group (B2B) level. It has expanded vehicle analytics solution to provide offering that provides an overall health checkup. […]

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Overview of Personal Data Protection Bill, India

Personal Data Protection Bill, India The justice B. N. Srikrishna committee appointed by the Indian Government has submitted a draft Personal Data Protection bill to Parliament on 27-July-2018. This blog provides major highlights of the bill primarily from a view of users whose personal data is covered under Act, and Providers who are capturing user’s personal data for providing […]

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Emergence of data regulations

Dominance of data based organizations and emergence of data regulations Changes across world The economies across world are going through churning due to Technological Changes that have transformed the whole business paradigm in last several decades. It is being predicted for quite long that Internet is going to change the world, and the information will […]

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Automobile application solutions for end user

An automobile application solution for end user is expected to provide following benefits : Provide trip related information that helps in understanding performance of automobile under various circumstances. Lot of analysis can be done by users merely based upon comparative parameters across trips Provide driving related analysis that helps in understanding and correcting driving related issues. […]

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Moving forward for Digital India through Open Source Digitization and processing software

The world of open source software has matured and there are several offerings that can quickly help in making paper & offline contents searchable with ease and speed. The process involved is quite simple. Digitize your contents into scanned documents Run them through OSS software that extracts content by way of OCR technology. Index the contents Access […]

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Smarter solution for automotive preventive & predictive diagnostics

Background Latest development of automotive world have lead to various internal parameters of vehicle available on an electronic interface. Currently, such parameters are checked and analyzed mostly either during regular service maintenance point or when some problem has occured in vehicle (reactive way) Vision Vision for this solution is to have a system that captures these […]

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Enabling citizen participation in Governance

During the period Oct’15 – Feb’16, as part of community project, a demonstrable solution was developed that can help in enabling citizen participation in Governance. Background Idea conceptualization happened in the background of current problem of common citizens feeling helpless and frustrated as there is no platform for reporting of problems / grievances related to city / town […]

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Smart City Expo 2016 experience

Smart City as a buzzword has picked up across Indian States. Still the offerings seems to be missing the substance expected! Every organization is projecting to be moving on line of Smart City / World Concept, yet the value that should get delivered from an integrated Smart City / World concept to target customers seems to be missing. The possible reason […]

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